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Secure access to everything — applications, networks, computers, doors — with cloud-based multi-factor authentication. ​Entrust's Intellitrust is an enterprise-grade cloud authentication service that delivers intelligent and adaptive identity capabilities across a unified device experience, enabling business to achieve competitive advantage in an ever-evolving digital world

Intellitrust equips you with a world-class identity platform that frees you from deployment and upgrades, allowing you to enable your users with seamless access while keeping the business secure. 

Enterprise-Grade Authentication With the Ease of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

  • SaaS-Based Command Center to Support IT Agility
  • Infrastructure Integrations
  • Workflow driven IT Provisioning and Managemen​t
  • User / Group Policy

Intellitrust Authentication Services can help you move beyond passwords and traditional two-factor authentication with a broad choice of authenticators, from simple and frictionless mobile solutions to high-assurance credentials that protect against the most sophisticated threats to your enterprise. Of course, single-sign on (SSO) capabilities are a given requirement, reducing the need for users to repeatedly authenticate whether they are accessing cloud-hosted or legacy on-premise resources.

Transformative Enterprise Use Cases

Dealing with the realities of your enterprise means that you’ll have varied user communities, varied use cases and needs that continue to evolve as the business transforms. IntelliTrust supports use cases across your enterprise so you can have one authentication platform to handle diverse requirements while delivering a unified user experience across devices.

  • šVPN Access. Empower remote employees to work securely and efficiently—anytime anywhere—with secure access to WiFi, VPNs and other networks.š
  • Customer and Partner Portals. Give your external users access to the apps, information and networks you choose. IntelliTrust provides each user with one easy-to-manage credential for secure access. š
  • Cloud SSO. Give users access to cloud and legacy apps from mobile devices. Offer your employees and other authorized users frictionless access while providing strong protection against breaches.š
  • Critical On-Premise Systems and Apps. Provide strong authentication and trusted security for critical resources that sit inside your firewall. Protect against unauthorized access and breaches.š
  • Desktop Log-In. When users login to their desktops, they open a door to the corporate network and its data and applications. Our solution ensures security while providing users with a frictionless experience.š
  • Mobile Computing Platform. Our solution works like a virtual smart card that resides on the mobile device. But there is nothing for the user to carry or insert. The process is transparent to users and provides secure SSO access to networks and apps.

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