Visitor Management

Visitor ManagementIn many organizations today, visitor management consists of handwritten names in an all–too–public paper log book.

The data is often incomplete, difficult to read, and nearly impossible to analyze. More importantly, confidential information about who has visited your facility is readily available to anyone.

To improve security, most experts are encouraging organizations to do a better job of tracking who is in their buildings and why they are there. You can start streamlining your visitor check-in process with the swipe of a driver’s license, passport, or other applicable ID.

Decrease the amount of time to check someone in, as well as search internal watch lists or the National Sex Offender database, so you can stop people you don’t want in your facility before they pass the front desk.

Gebco Hawaii is a provider of electronic visitor management systems, from simple out-of-the-box software to multi-location integrated systems. Contact us to schedule a demonstration on the various visitor management solutions we have to offer.

Electronic Visitor Management
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