Paper Cutters & Trimmers

Not every project requires the same size documents and quite often you want something different to help you stand out. One simple, easy way to accomplish this is to cut your documents to any size using your own paper cutter or trimmer from Gebco Hawaii. You decide what size and our cutters can handle the job.

We offer everything from basic ​trimmers for basic jobs to professional ​industrial cutters that can accommodate up to 360 sheets (1 ½” thick) in a single cut to help speed you through your projects.

Advantages of Paper Cutters & Trimmers:

  • Professional looking straight edge on photos and paper
  • Efficiently cut hundreds of sheets in seconds
  • Safer option for cutting multiple documents

paper cutters and trimmers
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Types of Paper Cutters & Trimmers

There are many types of paper cutters and trimmers. Each one has pros and cons and is designed for a different output and application:

  • Rotary Paper Cutters
    Rotary paper cutters, also known as rotary paper trimmers, are ideal for a variety of small office functions and crafts projects. The blades for the trimmer are typically simple to replace.
  • Guillotine Paper Cutters
    Guillotine paper cutters range from basic to heavy duty. Many commercial grade guillotines have a built-in pressure clamp that securely holds your work in place to prevent fanning.
  • Stack Paper Cutters
    Stack paper cutters are typically guillotine style and can effortlessly cut through large stacks of paper at once. These units are engineered for precision, ideal for print shops, schools and copy centers.

Call or contact us today! Gebco Hawaii local sales representatives are available for demonstrations and to suggest solutions that fit your needs.