Salamander Accountability and Tracking

  • Salamander Express Accountability Kit

      A complete personnel accountability system in a rugged, easy-to-transport case featuring a laptop with SmartCard and/or barcode reading. Laptop with pre-loaded interTRAX suite software RFID SMartCard and/or high-capacity barcode readers Rugged carrying case with built-in power management Photo ID software
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    • Salamander Mobile App for Tracking

        The Salamander app is an electronic version of both an individual's ID tag and a company collector ring. This app is designed to allow first responders and others to turn their phone into an identity alternative at an incident by creating a Quick Response Code (QR Code) or utilizing Radio ...
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      • Salamander Technologies rapidTAG™ On-Scene Badging

          Salamander's rapidTAG™ is for creating incident-specific ID tags right on-scene. Responder identification tags can be created for mutual aid, volunteers, or site visitors. Victim identification tags can be created for evacuees or patients. Tag creation is expedited by stripping data off of pre-existing IDs such as drivers’ licenses or FIPS ...
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