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Access Control SystemAn access security system from Gebco Hawaii will protect your assets, property and people.  

An electronic access security system restricts and tracks access to identified areas to authorized persons. Whether you need to control access to a single door or throughout a complex multi–site facility, Gebco Hawaii can help.

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from access control systems that automatically manage access at entrances with the wave or swipe of a card. You can also safeguard critical information stored in your networks and databases.

And, you can monitor activities with reliable, affordable video surveillance systems. We offer a variety of digital CCTV and DVR camera surveillance systems to safeguard personnel, property, and assets inside and outside your facilities. Whether you require a traditional or Internet Protocol (IP) based solution, Gebco sales consultants can help you determine the right access control and security management system for your organization.

Gebco can provide components and systems from leading access control manufacturers. We will design an access control system that ensures you are using the technologies that meet your needs, along with the right products, while making sure that only the right people gain access.


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