Binding Machines

With a document binding machine from Gebco Hawaii, we can make it easy and simple for you to customize your reports or proposals to match your business needs. Most importantly, owning an in-house binding system will save a lot of time and money.

Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, corporate, conservative or anything in between, we have a variety of binding systems that will help to make your presentation as unique as your ideas. And, our automated punching and binding systems can make this even easier.

Advantages of Binding Machines:

  • Present a better image.
  • Enhance usability. Bound documents are easier to handle, store and reference.
  • Protect and preserve written material.
  • Add color and unique design to stand out from the crowd.
Binding Options
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Types of Binding Machines

There are many types of binding systems. Each one has pros and cons and is designed for a different look and application:

  • Comb Binding
    Plastic comb binding is a great choice if a document will be used frequently. Because of its simple design, users can add and remove pages in a snap. Also, documents are easy to photocopy because plastic comb binded pages always lay flar and flip easily.
  • Perfect Binding
    Perfect binding, also known as thermal binding, allows users to bind documents quickly, with no punching. Simple and easy, it takes only seconds to have a neat, secure and impressively bound document.
  • Velo Binding
    Velo binding provide one of the most secure binds of any binding method. Velobind's sleek profile produces a sophisticated appearance and makes filing and mailing easy.
  • Wire Twin Loop Binding
    Twin loop binding gives documents a polished and professional finish. For upscale, contemporary presentations that lie completely flat when open, this is a great option.
  • Coil Binding
    Coil binding, also known as spiral binding or color coil binding, is a commonly used book binding style for creating a modern and convenient document that can be completely folded back on itself.

Call or contact us today! Gebco Hawaii local sales representatives are available for demonstrations and to suggest solutions that fit your needs.