Professional Services

GEBCO-Tiger-TeamGebco Hawaii’s knowledgeable Customer Engineer team offers professional services to help you complete your job quickly and effectively. Ask your Gebco sales representative for more information about which service may fit your needs.

  • Database Services: We will create a database to satisfy your identification requirements or interface with your existing database. Specially designed databases allow you to customize how you access, record, change and create reports.
  • Card Design & Printing Services: We can custom design your cards based on the desired information and technologies you require, as well as make design recommendations based on how the cards will be used. Our Internal Service Bureau is available to print custom cards for you if you do not have the capabilities you require in-house or if you need additional help during peak demand periods.
  • Template Design Services: We will design templates that map your data for proper placement on forms, wristbands, labels, cards, etc. This optional service is available during an initial install or by requesting a service call.