Real-Time Locati​ng and Tracking

WiFi and Bluetooth Real-Time Locat​ing System (RTLS) Solutions​

Real-time location system bluetooth and wifiWith a real-time locat​ing system (RTLS) solution from IdentiSys, an organization is able to increase operational efficiency and optimize the workforce by locating and tracking the geolocation of assets — personnel or equipment — real-time in a building or within a contained area.

Gebco offers an RTLS solution that requires minimal hardware — Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensor beacons and Bluetooth / WiFi gateways​ — saving organizations with costs involved in expensive infrastructure setup of antennas, servers, cable, etc. With ​this cloud-based solution, no server configuration is required and data can be transferred to the cloud using existing WiFi.

Real-time location systems can be scaled and tailored to fit applications of all sizes and in all markets, whether it be to track employees in a small office or the manufacturing process in a large manufacturing facility. Furthermore, this solution can integrate with existing access control systems.

This cloud-based RTLS solution from ​Gebco provides superior accuracy, requires minimal hardware and comes with the lowest total cost of ownership in the market today.

RTLS for tracking personnel and assets

SAAS management software

SaaS Management Software
Fleet Management, Event Management and Workflow Management

With th​is cloud-based solution, bring together beacon fleet management with a robust workflow/event management engine, smart algorithms to turn raw data into actionable insights, custom policies and ease of integration.


BLE Beacons

Sensor beacons allow assets to be actively located and tracked, with location accuracies within one meter for many applications, far more accurate than standard RSSI. These beacons are available in several form factors, including BLE badges, for different applications including manufacturing, retail and corporate environments.

Real-Time Locati​ng and Tracking Applications

  • Asset Tracking
  • Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring​
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Manufacturing Process Tracking
  • Material Flow
  • Mustering 
  • Nurse Call 
  • Passenger Tracking
  • ​Queue Counting / People Counting​
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Workforce Optimization​

If you are looking for other tracking systems, ​Gebco has a complete line of accountability & tracking solutions.

Bluetooth to wifi gateway

Bluetooth to WiFi Gateways

These Bluetooth to WiFi gateway plugins enable true remote monitoring of beacons — including monitoring status, battery life, and pushing firmware updates to large fleets of beacons. These simple plug-and-play devices have location accuracy measured in meters and are easily scaled to larger implementations.

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