Paper & Letter Folding Machines

Boost productivity for mailings with a paper folding machine from Gebco Hawaii that automatically feeds and folds thousands of sheets per hour. 

A letter folding machine can handle various paper weights, speed ranges and sheet sizes. These machines can even perform several different types of folds and can also accept stapled sets of paper.

Advantages of Paper & Letter Folding Machines:

  • Increase your productivity and save a considerable amount of time.
  • Reduce physical stress and mental fatigue.
  • Save money by increasing output and decreasing manpower.
  • Give letters a professional touch.

Types of Paper Folds:

Paper Fold Types
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MBM Simplimatic Paper Folder
MBM 407A automatic programmable tabletop folder

Types of Paper & Letter Folding Machines

There are many types of paper folding machines. Each one has pros and cons and is designed for a different output and application:

  • Manual Paper Folding Machine
    Manual paper folding machines are compact in size and require low maintenance. These machines are great for low outputs.
  • Automatic Paper Folding Machine
    Automatic paper folding machines are typically programmable and can fold documents at medium to high outputs.
  • Automatic Paper Folding Machine + Perforator or Scorer
    Many automatic paper folding machines have optional micro-perforator and scorer attachments.

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