Identification & Tracking

ID Cards, Labels, Metal Tags and Mobile Tracking Systems

Tracking SystemsWith an ID card and tracking system from Gebco Hawaii, your organization can view cardholder demographic information, detailed qualifications and emergency medical information. You can also track personnel activity, assign specific assets, review history, print reports and much more.

Corporationsschoolsgovernment agencies, and other organizations can enhance security by managing events or even day–to–day activities.

Whether you are tracking accountability, assets, or personnel, all of these solutions can operate as a stand–alone or web–enabled system that can quickly capture information and even populate a database.

And, if you require a portable solution, you can put everything into a transportable case that allows you to easily move all of the tracking components, then quickly set up with little to no preparation once you've arrived on-site.

Accountability Tracking

Help identify, authenticate, track and report on all personnel during emergency situations. Track a person’s qualifications/certifications, location, purpose and time spent on-site. You can improve security and risk management with a Gebco accountability system.

Asset Tracking

Track and manage anything from inventory to supplies. Asset tracking systems can track small tools, pallets, or large equipment. Just about everything can be tagged with a bar code to control inventory. Asset tags are available in a number of styles.

Personnel Tracking

Manage personnel at a site quickly and securely. Contractors, employees, and other workers can be identified and tracked to improve on-site security. You can also track on–site personnel for audits and reports.