Document Shredding

Industrial Paper and Document Shredder Supplier in Hawaii

Industrial Paper Shredder in HawaiiWith an industrial document shredder from Gebco Hawaii, keep company and personal information secure.

Why shred? Picture this:

  • All the money in your checking or savings account is gone
  • You receive bills from credit cards you don't own and never applied for
  • Bad credit prevents you from securing a loan or getting a job

You are a victim of identity theft. Using your personal information, a thief has created a "credit clone" of you. Identity theft is the nation's fastest growing type of consumer fraud. It is easy to commit, reversing the damage is difficult and perpetrators are seldom caught. It is up to you to protect yourself.

How do I protect myself?

Buy a shredder. To ensure your financial safety and keep your personal information secure, shred documents before you discard them. Fortunately, in recent years paper shredders for the home have become more readily available and very affordable. In fact, the GBC Shredmaster Confidential costs less than $20 and weighs only two pounds! 

How do I know what I need to shred?

Easy- just think about where your name, address, telephone number and possibly social security number appear:

  • Checks
  • Driver's license
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements

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