With over 1,600 school customers, Gebco Hawaii has broad-based experience in providing schools with tools to meet their numerous and varied needs. From security systems to food service programs to visitor management to student and staff IDs, as well as visual learning tools - multiple solutions are available from Gebco, along with local sales and service.

Every administrator faces the same question: How can we make our school more secure and efficient while maintaining our budget?

Heightened concern about the safety of faculty, staff and students has put administrators on alert. Eliminate multiple cards and systems by integrating them into one card for:

Secure, cost–effective ID systems come in all sizes(and capabilities) to meet your campus–wide requirements. Gebco can configure the perfect ID card program for your campus and offer you the choice, customization, and support you need.

Student ID Tracking

Mount View University

School ID

Other Education Solutions

Encourage your students and staff to show a sense of school spirit by wearing custom printed lanyards or badge reels with your school name or mascot imprinted.

With the VariQuest Visual Learning Tools help schools increase student achievement, raise test scores, improve communication, reinforce positive behavior and recognize accomplishments. Create cutouts, banners, awards, posters, flashcards and more.  Learn more about the VariQuest Visual Learning Tools to see how the Design Center, Cutout MakerPoster MakerAwards Maker and Cold Laminator allow you to create materials that support curriculum and differentiate instruction while creating an engaging learning environment.

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