Case Studies - Custom Applications

If you cannot find a solution that meets your unique requirements, please ask us. We can develop custom applications that meet your specifications. Gebco Hawaii has experience with solutions in a variety of businesses, schools, government agencies and more. Here are some examples of Gebco Hawaii's custom applications:


A Texas festival required a limit on the number of representatives allowed per vendor. IdentiSys implemented a solution to manage the number of cards printed for a vendor and notify the operator when the card limit for a particular vendor has been reached. Although each vendor was limited to the number of staff allowed; badges for festival volunteers, security, contractors and festival staff badges could be printed without limits.

K-12 Schools

A school sought a returning visitor check-in station that would issue visitor passes to frequent visitors. IdentiSys created a self-service kiosk to print visitor badges for those individuals that have successfully registered at the main desk within the past 120 days. These returning visitors use their driver’s license at the kiosk to receive a visitor pass. The visitor system will allow access for 120 days. After that, they must register again at the main desk, where their information is again compared against the national sex offender list, and an internal barred list.

Colleges & Universities

An Illinois college needed the information from the student’s ID to be connected to their internal student management system. IdentiSys engineered a database platform that can transfer the data to the student management system. One of the unique features that this new platform provides is the ability to resize and change the image file format to meet the requirements of the college’s database.


A casino needed self-service instant issuance systems that would print player’s cards. IdentiSys developed self-service kiosks to print four different card types. The player simply walks up and inserts their driver’s license; the information is retrieved from their license, and is cross-referenced with the casino’s database. If the player is in good standing with the casino, the appropriate personalized player’s card is instantly printed.


A Wisconsin Government agency preferred wristbands to be printed while identifying emergency responders, volunteers and victims at an emergency event site. The agency found wristbands were easier to distribute compared to standard paper tags. A custom solution was created for their emergency management system to print wristbands.

Membership & Loyalty

An Insurance company needed an efficient solution for small batches of cards. These cards are typically damaged, lost and/or stolen insurance cards. Interruption of their central card issuance system for selected small reprints would slow their daily large scale production. A custom program was written to convert a Datacard Model 7000 data file to a format compatible to a smaller desktop printer. This custom solution allows the operator to select the files and the printer to run these smaller batches without needing to duplicate the records or reformat the information. This greatly decreased the margin of error and allowed the customer to maintain high-volume production flow while providing timely card replacements.