Simple, easy-to-operate laminators from Gebco Hawaii help you keep your documents in pristine condition. Laminators are perfect for charts, graphs, signs, posters, presentation covers and more. We carry laminators to cover most document sizes up to 27 inches. Laminators are available in roll or pouch styles and we can work with you to find the one that best fits your needs.

Advantages of Laminators:

  • Protect documents and preserve / extend the life of the image or document.
  • Enhance colors and improve appearance.
  • Graffiti protection.

GBC Ultima 65 laminator
Pinnacle Lamination
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Types of Laminators

There are many types of laminators. Each one has pros and cons and is designed for a different output and application:

  • Pouch Laminator
    Pouch laminators use heat to melt glue within laminating pouches and then fuse the pouch together to seal the document. Pouch laminators are used in schools, colleges and universities to laminate many types of media.
  • Film Roll Laminator
    Film roll laminators provide a lot more of a choice due to the number of options and uses. There are single-sided and dual-sided thermal laminating machines that can be used for all sorts of media types and sizes.
  • Cold Laminator
    Cold laminators, also known as pressure sensitive laminating machines, have rollers that stay cold and apply pressure to the laminating film. Cold lamination systems are used more for vinyls and adhesives where heating the print at the lamination stage might damage the print.

Call or contact us today! Gebco Hawaii local sales representatives are available for demonstrations and to suggest solutions that fit your needs.