Government Identification Badges & Cards

ID Card Printers for Printing Plastic ​Government Photo ID Cards

Many government agencies and departments issue high security badges for its employees, as well as provide citizens ID cards for secure access to services, programs, and privileges.

Government and military-issued badges and cards often require a higher level of security features and technologies. For government personnel badges, one card can be used to access services, access facilities, obtain benefits, track usage, and much more. For government-issued IDs, such as national IDs, travel documents, driver’s licenses, secure IDs, and healthcare IDs, advanced personalization technologies are required to protect against fraud, forgery and alterations.

Gebco Hawaii provides scalable identification systems that can be customized to meet the unique needs for government ID cards for administration, staff, military personnel, contractors, and vendors.​

Gebco Hawaii has helped local, state, and federal agencies ensure safety and security with secure, tamper-evident cards issued by advanced card systems. We also offer the ongoing local service and support you need, no matter the location.

With a plastic card printer from Gebco Hawaii, you can print ​government photo ID cards and badges for all government ID card applications.​
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