Campus OneCard

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  • Campus OneCard Acceluraid

      Heartland Campus Solutions researched the procedural issues and processes around financial aid disbursements and refunds, and developed a solution to eliminate the biggest issue, paper checks. Using Heartland Acceluraid to eliminate checks, you remove the hassle of delayed delivery, long lines, returned checks, and reconciliation, while following DOE Title IV ...
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    • Campus OneCard Access & Security System

        Designed for the campus environment, the Campus OneCard Access & Security System increases campus safety and your efficiency. Wired and wireless door access systems control a high number of doors, reducing your cost per door. Notification options include text, e-mail and terminal messages. Integrates easily with your current safety program. ...
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      • Campus OneCard Bookstore System

          Make it easy for students, faculty and staff to purchase products with their OneCard or contactless tag. By accepting the OneCard/tag for payment at your bookstore, you’ll provide more convenience for your customers, avoid fees associated with traditional credit/debit cards sales and more. Easily integrate the system with your current ...
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        • Campus OneCard Dining System

            The OneCard Dining System provides a wide flexibility of offerings, including flexible meal plans. Streamline dining services with self-serve kiosks, web ordering and easy-to-use POS terminals. Watch this comprehensive OneCard video to learn more!
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          • Campus OneCard Give Something Back Network

              The innovative Give Something Back Network is a growing, nationwide network of sponsoring organizations, cardholders, merchants and donation recipients designed to make charitable giving a snap. The innovative Give Something Back Network will increase convenience for cardholders, generate revenue, decrease your time and cost, and support your community. Watch this ...
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