Other Emergency Management Solutions

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  • Elliott Accountability Manager

      Identify, authenticate, track and report all personnel at a job with a system that meets the requirements of tracking documented workers. Information can be viewed in real-time and accessed remotely through web access. Accountability Manager is flexible and can be tailored to meet specific needs based on different company requirements....
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    • Elliott Asset Manager

        Asset Manager is a custom solution designed to help manage and track your inventory and equipment. Anything from PCs, to back hoes, to lifts can be tagged, barcoded, and tracked with Asset Manager.
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      • Elliott Clinic Manager

          Elliott's Clinic Manager Solution is a software solution designed to provide healthcare related emergency first responders the ability to enroll patients, collect medical questionnaires and dispense medication during an emergency response when integrated with Elliott’s Emergency Event Manager and Asset Manager Mobile Solutions. Patients are quickly enrolled with the simple ...
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        • Elliott Emergency Event Manager Solution

            The Emergency Event Manager Solution (EEMS) is a written database software platform designed to help you manage personnel at emergency scenes quickly and securely. This software allows any size departments to easily and affordably share information on a local, state or national level across all departments and can backup data ...
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          • SafeCeiver Crisis Management Program

              The SafeCeiver EVAC-PAC is a classroom safety or emergency kit that allows one-way communication to be given to all faculty and staff from your existing walkie-talkie radios. SafeCeiver is a reliable, battery powered one-way radio device that communicates with multiple receivers — typically earpieces — so you can communicate instructions and ...
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