Discontinued / Demo Products

  • Datacard 564532-XXX ViaNet Identity Information Software

      The Datacard ViaNet Identity Information Software is discontinued and will be available in limited quantities. Call us today to receive pricing on remaining inventory! Provide authorized users web-based, secure access to your databases with Datacard ViaNet identity information software. With ViaNet software, you can access reports, capture and print card data ...
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    • Datacard CP40 Plus Card Printer

        Datacard CP40 Plus photo ID card printer delivers a unique combination of quality, convenience and productivity. It is ideal for printing full-color, one-sided IDs or badges for education, healthcare and other organizations. The CP40 printer can personalize up to 160 full color, one-sided cards or up to 750 single-color, one-sided cards ...
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      • Datacard CP60 Plus Card Printer

          The Datacard CP60 Plus card printer delivers speed and versatility for many different cards. Perfect for casino, loyalty, education and corporate IDs. This fast printer helps maximize productivity, delivering up to 190 full-color, one-sided cards or up to 1,000 single-color, one-sided cards per hour. Smart card, proximity card and magnetic ...
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        • Datacard CP80 Plus Card Printer

            The Datacard® CP80 Plus card printer can support even the most demanding ID  programs. It produces high-quality secure ID cards that help you protect people, facilities  and other critical assets. This printer can personalize contact or contactless smart cards,  encode magnetic stripe cards and issue proximity cards. It is also optimized to work ...
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          • Datacard RP90 Plus E Card Printer

              The Datacard RP90 Plus E ID card printer is specifically engineered to help government agencies and other organizations issue secure, material-independent identification cards that contain the latest contact and contactless smart card technologies. The RP90 Plus E card printer prints on retransfer film, a technology that enables printing high-quality photo IDs ...
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            • Datacard RP90i Financial ID Card Printer

              Datacard RP90i Financial Card Printer

                The Datacard RP90i financial ID card printer issues financial cards instantly to minimize cardholder wait-time and lower the risk of lost or stolen cards. Instant issuance is an ideal way to: Expedite card usage Increase cardholder loyalty Help reduce operating costs Retransfer printing personalizes blank white cards with ...
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              • Datacard SP 25 Plus Card Printer

                  As the most affordable ID system in the SP Series line, the Datacard® SP25 Plus card printer is a smart choice for producing a variety of attractive photo ID cards or badges comfortably within your budget. This simple, flexible printer offers full-color and monochrome capabilities as well as rewritable card ...
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                • sp35

                  Datacard SP35 Plus Card Printer

                    The Datacard SP 35 Plus ID card printer is one of the most convenient choices in the SP Series line. It includes everything you need for one-sided, full-color ID card printing in a compact, plug-and-play design that is easy to use. Print student, healthcare, or employee photo ID cards or ...
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                  • Datacard SP55 Plus Card Printer

                    Datacard SP55 Plus Card Printer

                      The Datacard SP55 Plus ID card printer is the fastest system in the SP Series line. It’s also versatile enough to print loyalty cards for leisure and entertainment or secure photo ID cards for schools and corporations. You can even issue multi-technology IDs that enable physical and logical access, cashless ...
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                    • Datacard-SP75-Plus-Card-Printer

                      Datacard SP75 Plus Card Printer

                        Choose the Datacard SP75 Plus ID card printer to protect people, facilities and critical assets in government, corporations, universities and other organizations that require high security.
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                      • plastic-card-embosser-275

                        Datacard UltraGrafix 285 Card Printer

                          The Datacard UltraGrafix 285 ID card personalization system makes it easy to instantly issue high-quality plastic cards for a variety of financial transaction, personal identification and promotional applications. This easy-to-use system prints single-color text, logos, bar codes and dithered photos in a fast, single-pass operation. Plus the system offers optional ...
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                        • EDIsecure® DCP 350 Card Printer

                            This very competitive single- and/or double-side, edge-to-edge EDIsecure DCP 350 Direct Card Printer is the perfect solution for all kinds of applications whether a photo is printed or not. With its attractive design and sturdy construction, the EDIsecure DCP 350 produces high quality, professional looking ID cards and fits perfectly ...
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                          • EDIsecure® DCP 360+ Card Printer

                              The new, modern-designed, double-sided, edge-to-edge EDIsecure® DCP 360+ was developed for industrial needs and is prepared for plug and play inline lamination. With its versatility and state-of-the-art features the robust DCP 360+ is a powerful desktop card printer. The unconventional portrait mode printing engine shortens card feeding path and achieves ...
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                            • EDIsecure® XID 580ie Card Printer

                                The double-sided EDIsecure® XID 580ie retransfer printer offers high quality and highly durable results. For maximum flexibility in a professional environment, this innovative printer comes prepared for various encoding and lamination options. The 580ie printer can be used in highly secure and high volume operations, such as government agencies, R&D departments, ...
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                              • Eltron P420 Card Printer

                                  The Eltron P420 plastic ID card printer is highly versatile and designed for high volume printing of dual-sided plastic cards in color.  The P420's rugged all metal enclosure houses a low-maintenance print mechanism that includes self-cleaning card handling high capacity ribbon system two-line LCD control panel and convenient card reject hopper....
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                                • Entrust SR 200 Retransfer Card Printer

                                    The ​Entrust SR200 retransfer ID card printer gives cost-conscious issuers an affordable way to issue single-sided cards with high-quality, full-color images. The SR 200 enables over-the-edge printing on a variety of materials, and it can be configured with an optional laminator.
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                                  • Entrust SR 300 Retransfer Card Printer

                                      The Entrust® (formerly Datacard) SR300 retransfer card printer delivers ultimate card program security and flexibility. Part of a complete issuance solution, this reliable printer offers superb full-color, over-the-edge, dual-sided printing on a variety of card surfaces and encodes various card types. When integrated with optional ​Entrust® laminators, the SR300 card ...
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                                    • Evolis Dualys3 Card Printer

                                        Just as effective for monochrome thermal transfers as it is for color dye sublimation, the Evolis Dualys3 printer produces high-resolution prints for your ID cards. Absolutely versatile, the Dualys includes the latest magnetic stripe, smart card or contactless encoding options.
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                                      • Evolis Pebble4 Card Printer

                                          Powerful and reliable, the Evolis Pebble4 card printer answers your single-sided ID printing needs, from small card jobs to printing in volume. You can print high resolution texts, logos, pictures, signatures and bar codes in a few seconds. Optional magnetic stripe encoding, smart card encoding and contactless card personalization. Pebble4 comes in a ...
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                                        • Evolis Tattoo Rewritable Card Printer

                                            The Evolis Tattoo Rewrite printer was designed to print on rewritable cards. These cards contain a thermo-sensitive material that becomes visible or vanishes depending on the applied temperature. The same card can be erased and reprinted up to 500 times.
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                                          • Evolis Tattoo2 Re-writable Card Printer

                                            Evolis Tattoo2 Re-writable Card Printer

                                              Evolis Tattoo2 ID Rewrite (RW) ID card printer ideally meets the needs of organizations with low volume badging needs. The single-sided Tattoo2 prints monochrome or color ID cards. Sleek and with a contemporary look, it's the most compact plastic card printer in its category.
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                                            • Fargo C50 Card Printer

                                                The FARGO® C50 card printer offers a simple and reliable solution – at a price everyone can afford.  Plug-and-play, the C50 can create personalized IDs for membership and loyalty cards, casino employee IDs, or visitor badges for schools whenever and wherever you need them, in five minutes or less. Featuring a ...
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                                              • Fargo DTC1000 Card Printer/Encoder

                                                  Fargo DTC1000 card printer/encoder prints full-color plastic ID and technology cards on a budget, and features inline card printing and technology card encoding. It is an ideal card printing solution for small businesses, schools, and local governments that need a simple, reliable, and affordable means of printing and encoding photo ...
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                                                • dtc400

                                                  Fargo DTC400 Card Printer

                                                    The DTC400 ID card printer is simple to operate and virtually maintenance-free. The DTC400’s all-in-one print ribbon/card cleaning system installs in one easy step.
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                                                  • Fargo DTC4000 Card Printer

                                                      Fargo DTC4000 card printer/encoder allows for flexible printing and encoding of plastic ID cards, smart cards and proximity cards. It is designed for medium-sized businesses, schools and local government institutions seeking versatility in a convenient, professional and secure printer/encoder system, with flexible, easy and reliable way to color personalize and ...
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                                                    • Fargo DTC4500 Card Printer

                                                        In one pass the DTC4500 card printer/encoder can print, encode, fluorescent print, and laminate security cards- single- or dual-sided- with a very fast print speed, using just one USB or Ethernet connection. The standard 200 card input hopper adds additional capacity and makes it ideal for users who need the ...
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                                                      • Fargo DTC550 Card Printer

                                                          Fargo DTC550 ID card printer from HID is a versatile, reliable, card production workhorse that supports diverse applications throughout your organization. Protects your investment by offering great flexibility whenever you need to reconfigure your ID card issuance system.
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                                                        • Fargo HDP5000 Card Printer/Encoder

                                                            Superior print quality, higher reliability and durability, greater security - your ID cards can have all these qualities when you produce them with the affordable and versatile Fargo HDP5000 card printer/encoder (from HID). You can easily upgrade to dual-sided printing, single- or dual-sided lamination and card encoding technologies. And cards, ribbons ...
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                                                          • HDP5600

                                                            Fargo HDP5600 Card Printer/Encoder

                                                              The ​Fargo HDP5600 printer is discontinued and will be available in limited quantities. Call us today to receive pricing on remaining inventory!  For Government agencies, colleges and universities, businesses, corporations and healthcare facilities who need retransfer printing technology to routinely issue High Definition IDs or cards, the FARGO® HDP5600 from HID ...
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                                                            • Fargo Persona M30e Card Printer/Encoder

                                                              Fargo Persona M30e Card Printer/Encoder

                                                                The Fargo Persona M30e from HID is all about simple, reliable and affordable ID card printing. You can quickly and economically personalize plastic cards with monochrome text, photos, bar codes or magnetic stripes.  This printer is ideal for on-the-spot issuance applications such as membership, library and customer loyalty cards, and visitor ...
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                                                              • Magicard Enduro Card Printer

                                                                  The Magicard Enduro can be field-upgraded from single to double-sided ID card printing, with a simple drop-in upgrade. The Enduro Duo model is available with double-sided card printing right out of the box. With a standard 100-card feeder at the rear and a hand-feed card slot at the front, conveniently ...
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                                                                • Magicard Opera ID Card Printer

                                                                  Magicard Opera Card Printer

                                                                    The single feed Magicard Opera ID Card printer packs features like anti-forgery protection, magnetic stripe encoding, single sided 300 dpi photo ID printing.
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                                                                  • Magicard Prima 4 Retransfer Card Printer

                                                                      The Magicard Prima 4 secures card issuance with a combination of inline and post-printing options. Ultraviolet (UV) images or text, printed inline, can be augmented with overlaminates for added durability and security – including standard and customized holographic options. A logical printer lock is fitted as standard.Using a reverse-transfer printing ...
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                                                                    • Magicard Rio Pro 360 Card Printer

                                                                        Built for professionals, the Rio Pro’s superior card printing quality is complemented with a full range of options: single or double-sided printing (with field upgrade available), batch or one-off card printing and secure encoding with magnetic stripe, contact and contactless technologies. Built-in Standard HoloKote® can also be customised to an ...
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                                                                      • Magicard Rio Pro 360 Duo Card Printer

                                                                          Built for professionals, the Rio Pro 360 Duo’s superior card printing quality is complemented with a full range of options: double-sided printing, batch or one-off card printing and secure encoding with magnetic stripe, contact and contactless technologies. Built-in Standard HoloKote® can also be customised to an individual logo or security ...
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                                                                        • Magicard Rio Pro Xtended Card Printer

                                                                            The Magicard Rio Pro Xtended card printer personalizes extra-long plastic cards for ticketing, accreditation and product labeling. Cards up to 110mm long can be printed entirely in full colour using the doubleprinting mode. The printer can also handle pre-printed cards up to 140mm long, printing a CR80-sized (86mmx54mm) area in full colour ...
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                                                                          • Matica Moca II Card Printer

                                                                              Espresso II’s little brother the Moca II is a compact and powerful desktop ID card printer, that is like the Espresso II a brainchild of Italian design & engineering and reflects German reliability in consistent performance. It offers its users great value and versatility with high print speed and superior print quality. With its ...
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                                                                            • PR5300

                                                                              NiSCA PR5300 Card Printer

                                                                                Nisca PR5300 full-featured ID card printer offers reliability at a user friendly price. This proven dual-sided performer is a safe investment for your identification card printing needs.
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                                                                              • NiSCA PR5310 Card Printer

                                                                                NiSCA PR5310 Card Printer

                                                                                  Nisca PR5310 dual-sided ID card printer offers encoding and reading modules for popular smart card applications. Add-on modules include magnetic stripe, IC chip, and IC Contactless encoding, as well as in-line security lamination with the PR5302 laminator. Variable UV printing is also available for an additional security layer.
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                                                                                • NiSCA PR5350 Dual-Sided Card Printer

                                                                                  NiSCA PR5350 Dual-Sided Card Printer

                                                                                    Nisca PR5350 ID card printer offers a small footprint, security lamination, encoding options and prints over 164 cards per hour. The PR5350 is available with options for magnetic stripe, IC Chip, RFID reading and encoding similar to the PR5310's options, as well as security lamination with the addition of the ...
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                                                                                  • Zebra LP2824Plus Desktop Thermal Printer

                                                                                      The Zebra LP2824 Plus thermal printer is discontinued and will be available in limited quantities. Call us today to receive pricing on remaining inventory!  The Zebra LP2824Plus Desktop Thermal Printer is a compact but powerful direct thermal printing option, ideal for making smaller barcode labels. The LP2824 Plus, a space-saving and economical option for industrial ...
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                                                                                    • p100i

                                                                                      Zebra P100i Card Printer

                                                                                        The Zebra P100i ID card printer makes personalized cards fast, easy and affordable. This budget-friendly printer produces single-sided full color or monochrome cards and offers a variety of optional features not typically available in a product in this class, such as Ethernet connectivity and smart card encoding. In moments this ...
                                                                                        Product details
                                                                                      • Zebra P110i Card Printer

                                                                                        Zebra P110i Card Printer

                                                                                          Reliable, compact and easy to use, the P110i is Zebra’s most affordable color ID card printer. The sleek design uses high strength plastics and advanced electronics for reduced size and weight and outstanding performance, all at a great price. The P110i delivers consistent, high quality printing and trusted Zebra dependability....
                                                                                          Product details
                                                                                        • Zebra P120i Card Printer

                                                                                          Zebra P120i Card Printer

                                                                                            Zebra P120i ID card printer is so affordable and easy-to-use that many customers can now choose double-sided printing.  Whether you need to identify people, control facility access or promote membership benefits, the P120i makes dual-sided printing more affordable than ever before.
                                                                                            Product details
                                                                                          • p330i

                                                                                            Zebra P330i Card Printer

                                                                                              Easy to use and loaded with options, the Zebra P330i single-sided color ID card printer produces reliable and high performance printing at an affordable price. Designed to integrate seamlessly in a wide variety of applications, the P330i comes standard with an LCD and offers a full range of options, including ...
                                                                                              Product details
                                                                                            • Zebra P330m ID Card Printer

                                                                                              Zebra P330m Card Printer

                                                                                                Easy to use and loaded with options, the Zebra P330m single-sided monochrome card printer produces reliable and high performance printing at an affordable price. Designed to integrate seamlessly in a wide variety of applications, the P330m comes standard with an LCD and offers a full range of options, including build-in ...
                                                                                                Product details
                                                                                              • Zebra P430i Card Printer

                                                                                                Zebra P430i Card Printer

                                                                                                  Zebra P430i dual-sided card printer was designed and built for demanding environments. Expansion options for networking and card encoding give the P430i the flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Affordable and easy to use, the Zebra P430i delivers reliability and performance for high volume card production.
                                                                                                  Product details
                                                                                                • Zebra P630i Card Printer

                                                                                                  Zebra P630i Card Printer

                                                                                                    Secure and customize your ID cards with the Zebra P630i ID card printer. The P630i’s dual-sided printing and single-sided lamination provide the maximum amount of flexibility in protecting driver’s licenses, national healthcare cards, access control cards and other types of secure IDs. With its high throughput and superior print quality, the ...
                                                                                                    Product details
                                                                                                  • Zebra P640i Security Card Printer

                                                                                                    Zebra P640i Security Card Printer

                                                                                                      Zebra P640i dual-sided ID card printer delivers an industrial strength solution for creating long-lasting, secure ID cards. Ideal applications include access control and driver's licenses. This dual-sided laminating printer meets high volume, high security application needs.
                                                                                                      Product details
                                                                                                    • Zebra ZXP8 Card Printer

                                                                                                        The Zebra ZXP8 Card Printer has been discontinued. See the Zebra ZXP9 Single-sided Card Printer or Zebra ZXP9 Dual-sided Card Printer. Produce vivid color plastic ID cards on demand fast with Zebra’s highly advanced ZXP Series 8 retransfer card printer and its patent-pending image transfer process. Even at unparalleled print speeds, ...
                                                                                                        Product details