Financial Card Instant Issuance Systems

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  • Datacard 295 Desktop Card Embosser

      The Datacard 295 card personalization system lets you issue high-quality patient ID cards with your choice of embossed characters, bar codes, logos, text, smart card personalization, and magnetic stripe encoding. All in a fast, single-pass operation. This powerful, compact embossing system offers all the card personalization capabilities you need to provide ...
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    • Datacard CD820 Instant Issuance System

        The Datacard® CD820™ Instant Issuance System empowers banks and retailers to issue secure, flat financial cards — affordably and instantly. With this reliable and compact desktop solution, organizations can capture more business by putting personalized, activated debit and credit cards in customers’ hands at bank branch or store locations. Full-color ...
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      • Datacard CE870 Instant Issuance System

          The Datacard® CE870™ instant issuance system makes it easy for financial institutions to enjoy the full benefits of instant issuance. Putting ready-to-use credit and debit cards into your customers’ hands measurably improves activation rates and card usage. It enhances cardholder satisfaction and elevates service levels. Plus, it helps reduce traditional card issuance costs, ...
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        • Datacard CR500 Instant Issuance System

            The Datacard® CR500™ instant issuance system — integrated with Datacard® CardWizard® issuance software — empowers banks, credit unions, retailers and service bureaus to print ready-to-use, flat financial cards on demand. With instant issuance, customers get customized financial cards and immediate purchasing power — which means more revenue, higher activation rates, increased card usage and ...
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          • Datacard FP65i Financial Card Printer

              The Datacard FP 65i financial ID card printer instantly issues new and replacement credit, debit and gift cards, minimizing cardholder wait-time and reducing the risk of lost or stolen cards.
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