Cleaning Kits

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  • Waffletechnology® Player Tracking Card Reader Cleanin...

      Player tracking card readers, like all card readers, use a magnetic head to read the stripe on your patron's card. Each time a player card is used, the card carries dirt and dust from the environment as well as oil from your patron's fingers into the card reader. These contaminants ...
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    • Waffletechnology® Smart Card Reader Cleaning Cards

        Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Cards are designed to clean the entire swipe or dip path within various card readers, including ATM card readers, credit/debit card readers and smart card readers. The unique cleaning waffles come in contact with the leading, top and trailing edges of magnetic read heads and ...
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      • Waffletechnology® Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards

          The Waffletechnology Thermal Printer Cleaning Card is designed to easily remove built-on contaminants that printing and environmental particles leave behind. The cleaning waffles gently scrub the print head while turning and cleaning the platen roller. This product is endorsed by Bixolon for use on SRP-350plus and SLP-T400 thermal printers to maintain ...
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        • XID Cleaning Kit

            XID Cleaning Kit includes 10 large adhesive roller cleaning cards, 10 alcohol swabs and 10 alcohol wipes. For use on the following XID models 4xx, 5xxi, 5xxie, 83xx, and 93xx series
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