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  • BadgePass Visitor Manager

      Paper log books for your visitor management solutions are non-secure, inefficient and unreliable. Replace those log books with an efficient electronic visitor management system. BadgePass Visitor Manager allows users to secure their facilities by electronically registering and tracking all visitors. When a visitor enters a building, simply swipe the visitor’s driver's license, military ...
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    • CloudDesk by CloudApper

      CloudApper CloudDesk Productivity Application

        The CloudDesk app creates a trusted remote working environment where employees can confirm that they are part of a focused and integrated labor pool regardless of their physical separation. Features: Remote check-in Attendance confirmation Robust insights Seamless integration and management Platform flexibility How it works: Remote employees check-in at the start ...
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      • Elliott Accountability Manager

        Elliott Accountability Manager - Accountability Track...

          Identify, authenticate, track and report all personnel at a job with a system that meets the requirements of tracking documented workers. Information can be viewed in real-time and accessed remotely through web access. Accountability Manager is flexible and can be tailored to meet specific needs based on different company requirements....
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        • Elliott Asset Manager

          Elliott Asset Manager - Asset Tracking software

            Asset Manager is a custom solution designed to help manage and track your inventory and equipment. Anything from PCs, to back hoes, to lifts can be tagged, barcoded, and tracked with Asset Manager.
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          • Elliott Casino Track

            Elliott Casino Track - Player Tracking Software

              Elliott Casino Track software is an effective solution used by gambling facilities to identify and track players who are listed on voluntary internal or state barred self-exclusion lists. Gambling organizations are able to increase security and reduce the possibility of paying expensive fines associated with having barred players on their ...
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