Queueing Systems

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  • Qmatic Duet Virtua

    Qmatic Duet Virtua - Self-Service Touch Screen Ticke...

      The Qmatic Duet Virtua is a queue management system that is a powerful customer flow management solution designed to give high impact at the point of reception. The Duet Virtua is a ticketing kiosk that features a large touch screen screen that allows you to deliver a big message, offer ...
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    • IdentiQ Solo Starter Package

        IdentiQ Solo is a great entry level system to help you begin streamlining your customer's overall experience. With a ticket printer at your customer greeting station, customers can quickly select the service they need help with and receive a time stamped ticket. After receiving a ticket, customers can wait seated ...
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      • Qmatic Choral

          Qmatic’s Choral is an audible system that helps keep your customer’s informed of the waiting process. When customers hear a voice prompt, it reassures them that service is being delivered and they are moving up in the queue. Using quality audio prompts also helps visually impaired customers.
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        • Qmatic Cinematic

            Qmatic’s Cinematic creates a visual display of the wait status for your customers. Using a display screen increases the opportunity to communicate with your customers and inform them of other services and products you offer while they wait. Giving your customers visual information can help change their perception of the ...
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          • Qmatic Coda

              Qmatic’s Coda is a simple call button device that allows you to call customers from the queue line. When your staff use a call button device they can call customers forward, just as the current transaction is ending. This really brings speed to the flow of customers.
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