Fargo 86177 Extra Iso-Propyl Alcohol Cleaning Cards - 50 pack

Product number: 86131 Vendor: HID Global

This HID Fargo Extra Cleaning Cards 86177 (086177) are used to clean your HID Fargo ID card printer.


  • 50 Iso-Propyl Alcohol Cleaning Cards

HID Fargo Extra Cleaning Cards 86177 are for use with the following HID Fargo ID card printers:

  • M30 (M 30)
  • M30e (M 30e)
  • C30 (C 30)
  • C30e (C 30e)
  • C50 (C 50)
  • DTC300 (DTC 300)
  • DTC400 (DTC 400)
  • DTC400e (DTC 400e)
  • DTC1000 (DTC 1000)
  • DTC1250e (DTC 1250e)
  • DTC4000 (DTC 4000)
  • DTC4250e (DTC 4250e)
  • DTC4500 (DTC 4500)
  • DTC4500e (DTC 4500e)
  • HDP600 (HDP 600)
  • HDPii (HDP ii)

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