Datacard DX5100 Central Issuance System

Product number: DX5100 Vendor: Entrust Datacard

Smaller job sizes, EMV issuance, 1:1 marketing, data security and changing consumer behaviors and preferences have created new challenges and opportunities for high-volume issuance operations. The Datacard® DX5100™ card delivery system is uniquely designed to equip you for what’s ahead by allowing you the flexibility to segment card personalization from card delivery. Setting the standard for reliability, security and real-world productivity, this system brings authentic Datacard quality and modularity to stand-alone card delivery.

  • Ultimate Flexibility. The circumstances that drove your current card delivery infrastructure have almost certainly changed. Now, you have access to an unmatched stand-alone card delivery solution providing you with ultimate flexibility. The DX5100 addresses your form segmentation needs while maintaining maximum system uptime and data security. This stand-alone system is the perfect complement to any system within the Datacard® MX Card Personalization Series.
  • Best-in-Class Productivity. Datacard® systems offer the highest real-world productivity for stand-alone card delivery. Realize new levels of efficiency with this system built for next generation throughput and card programs. 
  • Feature-Rich Functionality. Enhanced functionality allows you to print and fulfill any mailing, any way you choose. Features include near-edge full-color printing of pre-printed card carriers, full sheet insert options and mail divert capabilities to rank important deliveries and organize output. Automated envelope verification controls, envelope printing and card-to-envelope auditing capability ensure package integrity.

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