CIM Pro Series MF12000 Card Printer

Product number: MF12000 Vendor: CIM

the CIM MF12000 is a new multi-card platform with 12 encoding stations for the personalization of smart cards, designed for high volume central card issuance.
MF12000 platform supports a wide range of open and proprietary contact and contactless systems, ISO 14443, ISO 18092, NFC forum, as well as proprietary systems from MIFARE, my-d™, NFC, FeliCa™, etc. This broad compatibility provides companies and organizations with a single source for their contact and contactless personalization needs. The new platform can also be configured to personalize hybrid and dual-interface cards.

The MF12000 can work stand-alone or in-line with other Pro Series solutions. As a stand-alone platform, the MF12000 allows card issuers to complete all traditional elements of card personalization with their existing systems and then feed these pre-printed/embossed/engraved cards into the MF12000 to complete the smart card personalization process. Alternatively, MF12000 can work in-line with the Pro Series HS 8000 for a complete card personalization process, performing embossing-indenting, magnetic strip encoding, direct-to-card printing and tipping in a single pass. The platform can also work in-line with CAM8080 and Maximailer Plus HP, the CIM Card affixing and Mailing System dedicated to affix the card on the carrier, fold and insert it into the envelope, preparing the card to be send directly to the cardholder.

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