AMT Datasouth Process 24/7 Downtime Patient Admittance

Product number: Process 24/7 Vendor: AMT Datasouth

Process 24/7 is an off-the-shelf Windows-based software solution for downtime patient admittance administration. the built-in Virtual Form Designer gives hospital IT’s the ability to quickly create the desired print formats for their patient wristbands and labels,. Patient data is encrypted and is only accessible under administrators password control which can then be securely exported to the hospitals HIS via Excel file format.

Process 24/7 is capable of creating multiple custom forms in minutes. Data Entry fields can be inserted and resized at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees orientation. Multiple 1D and 2D Barcodes can be easily assigned to each data entry field. Various security filters can be assigned to each data entry field to ensure against operator data entry errors. Graphical logos can be resized and inserted in the label or armbands. 

Process 24/7 supports Zebra and Zebra compatible printers by utilizing Direct Print Technology. No windows driver required, while supporting Labels, Infant Tags and Armbands of up to 12″ long.

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