IdentiSys, in partnership with Safetrust, is ​a provider of both door and logical access control solutions via mobile credential management to its clients. 

Safetrust brings mobility to the modern enterprise as a global pioneer in physical and logical identity solutions. With the simple tap of a smartphone, Safetrust enables people all over the world to identify themselves electronically, gain access to online and physical resources, and protect their privacy by leveraging industry standards and protocols. With over 35 billion credentials in active circulation today and more than 2.2 billion smart-phones, the consolidation of these credentials significantly reduces the cost of delivery, improves the security of the credential, merges online and physical identification and provides a win-win solution for the constant battle between security and convenience.

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  • Safetrust Safeaccess

    Safetrust SafeAccess - Mobile Access Solution

      SafeAccess from Safetrust, is a secure, trusted identity solution which enables building access cards to be stored and used virtually from your mobile device. The solution supports a large range of connected and disconnected systems including those used for building access, car park entry/exit and stand-alone entry/lock systems. Safetrust provides customers with ...
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