Gebco resells NiSCA plastic card printers and supplies.

NiSCA has been in the plastic card marketplace since 1994. Team NiSCA – the sales, service and marketing arm of NiSCA – is a business unit of KG Digital who is a subsidiary of the Kanematsu Corporation, one of the oldest trading companies in Japan. Founded in 1889, Kanematsu’s major business areas include IT related products, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, specialty steels, grains, foodstuffs and aerospace.

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Products from NiSCA

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  • NiSCA PR-C151 Smart Card Printer

    NiSCA PR-C151 Dual-sided Card Printer

      The PRC-C151 offers a small foot-print, 24-bit color, 256-Grayscale, security lamination, encoding options and prints at the astounding speed of over 144* cards/hour! The PR-C151 has the same NiSCA quality, manufactured in their ISO certified production facility. The printer offers brilliant 24-bit images printed on CR80 cards with thicknesses ranging ...
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    • NiSCA PR-C201 Retransfer Printer

      NiSCA PR-C201 Retransfer Printer

        NiSCA's retransfer printing technology allows you to print FULL COLOR, FULL BLEED IMAGES in brilliant true color. The retransfer process uses dye sublimation to print a high-resolution image in reverse directly onto the film base. The printer then thermally transfers the image and film onto the card surface through heat ...
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      • NiSCA Ribbons, Laminates and Supplies

          As a Team NiSCA dealer, Gebco Hawaii is a supplier of genuine NiSCA ID card printer ribbons, overlaminates and other supplies. Call us or submit an "items of interest" to request a quote today! Current NiSCA Models PR-C201 PR-C151 PR-C101
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        • NiSCA PR5350 Dual-Sided Card Printer

          NiSCA PR5350 Dual-Sided Card Printer

            Nisca PR5350 ID card printer offers a small footprint, security lamination, encoding options and prints over 164 cards per hour. The PR5350 is available with options for magnetic stripe, IC Chip, RFID reading and encoding similar to the PR5310's options, as well as security lamination with the addition of the ...
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          • PR5300

            NiSCA PR5300 Card Printer

              Nisca PR5300 full-featured ID card printer offers reliability at a user friendly price. This proven dual-sided performer is a safe investment for your identification card printing needs.
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            • PR-C101

              NiSCA PR-C101 Single-Sided Card Printer

                NiSCA PR-C101 ID card printer provides a simple and affordable out-of-the-box solution for high quality, high durability ID cards with low maintenance requirements. The printer is small enough to fit into an office overhead bin or under a counter. Offering the first ever rotating LCD panel and optional front or back ...
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              • NiSCA PR5310 Card Printer

                NiSCA PR5310 Card Printer

                  Nisca PR5310 dual-sided ID card printer offers encoding and reading modules for popular smart card applications. Add-on modules include magnetic stripe, IC chip, and IC Contactless encoding, as well as in-line security lamination with the PR5302 laminator. Variable UV printing is also available for an additional security layer.
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