Matica Corporation

Gebco Hawaii is an authorized dealer of card issuance systems, central issuance systems, and metal plate embossers.

Matica Corporation is a leading worldwide company that designs, manufactures and distributes cost-efficient, flexible solutions for card personalization, card mailing systems and ID card printers.

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Products from Matica Corporation

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  • Matica Espresso II Card Printer

      The Espresso II is a compact and powerful desktop ID card printer that reflects Italian design and engineering, and incorporates German reliability and consistent performance. The Espresso II offers great value and versatility with extraordinary printing speed and outstanding print quality. Designed as a robust and durable machine, the Espresso ...
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    • Matica S3000GE Card Issuance System

        The S3000GE Card Issuance System is a reliable solution developed to meet the growing trend for instant, in-store card issuance. Designed to provide high quality, highly secure cards, the S3000GE printing and embossing desktop system is the perfect answer for financial institutions,smaller service bureaus, retail organizations, or any other company ...
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      • Matica Z1 Desktop Card Issuance System

          The Matica Z1 Card Issuance System is an ideal solution for low volume card issuance in small to medium or decentralized environments. With its compact design and extremely quiet operation, the Z1 is particularly suited for hospital patient admission areas, hotel and club reception areas, store and office environments, where ...
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        • Matica DS100 Mailing System

          Matica DS100 Mailing System

            The DS100 System offers total flexibility in today's mail processing market. This mailing system can processing documents from up to 6 different hoppers and run at speeds of up to 3,000 filled envelopes per hour.
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          • Matica C410 Metal Plate Embosser

              The Matica C410 metal plate embosser is designed for heavy duty, continuous production, including very demanding automotive plants for VIN and body plates. With speeds up to 350 cards per hour, automatic feed and the ability to accommodate a large variety of plate sizes, materials, shapes and thickness the C410 system ...
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            • Matica Z3e

                The Z3e is primarily intended to meet the growing trend for instant, in-store card issuance needs. This embosser features front-side input and out put hoppers making card access easy and cutting down on desk space usage. The new Z3e combines embossing, rear and front indenting and tipping, together with all kinds ...
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              • s7000

                Matica S7000 Card Issuance System

                  The Matica S7000 is a modular system that is capable of delivering production volumes of 1,000 cards per hour.  A number of advanced features, such as laser engraving, have been added to meet your most demanding requirements. 
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                • Matica MC10 Smart Card Personalizer

                  Matica MC10 Smart Card Personalizer

                    Forced to upgrade your high speed system with an expensive smart card encoding module? Not necessarily so! Card issuers who are faced with adding smart card encoding modules to handle the new demands for smart card programs need not spend enormous sums to upgrade their systems. Always looking to make card ...
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                  • Matica Z9 Plus Card Issuance System

                    Matica Z9 Plus Card Issuance System

                      The Z9 Plus is part of a totally new generation of card issuance systems from Matica, specifically designed for cost-conscious service bureaux, card manufacturers and financial institutions for mid volume card issuance programs. Making it one of the most versatile card issuance systems available, the model Z9 Plus can perform embossing, ...
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                    • Matica Z10 Card Issuance System

                      Matica Z10 Card Issuance System

                        The Z10 card issuance system from Matica is specifically designed for cost-conscious card issuers. This system is the perfect match for service bureaus, card manufacturers and financial institutions looking for a solution to handle their mid- and high- volume centralized card issuance programs. This highly productive system features the reliability, flexibility, ...
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