Gebco Hawaii is an authorized Formax dealer, offering local service and sales support on Formax pressure seal, mailing, data destruction and digital print finishing solutions.

Founded in 1987, Formax is a privately held company with corporate headquarters based in Dover, New Hampshire and a manufacturing facility in Turlock, California.  Since the company successfully patented its first pressure sealer decades ago, it has continued to evolve with the same never ending focus on innovation, quality and value.  The Formax product line is represented through an extensive dealer network across North America and other countries around the world.

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Products from Formax

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  • FD 87-EX Casino Shredder

    Formax FD 87 Casino EX Conveyor Casino Shredder

      When it comes to the casino and gaming industry, security is of utmost importance, both on and off the gaming floor. To mitigate the risk of fraud, the FD 87 Casino EX Shredder is the ideal solution. This specially-designed unit boasts user-friendly features and industrial strength, ensuring that retired gaming ...
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    • FD 87 Casino Shredder

      Formax FD 87 Casino Cross-Cut Casino Shredder

        Security is of utmost importance in the casino and gaming industry, not only on the gaming floor but also behind the scenes. To minimize the risk of fraud, the FD 87 Casino Shredder is highly recommended. This unit is specifically designed to be user-friendly while providing the industrial strength required ...
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      • FD4170

        Formax FD 4170 Cut-Sheet Burster

          The FD 4170 Cut-Sheet Burster is the ideal finishing solution when multiple forms are printed on one page. Direct from a laser printer to the FD 4170, pre-perforated forms are automatically burst at perforation and stacked sequentially at speeds of up to 140 sheets per minute. No more cut sheet bursting by ...
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        • Formax 4400 Cut-Sheet Burster

          Formax FD 4400 Cut-Sheet Burster

            The FD 4400 High Volume Cut-Sheet Burster is specifically designed to process Check21 IRDs and other documents printed on perforated cut-sheet forms. The FD 4400 sets the benchmark as the only burster capable of processing up to 30,000 forms per hour and up to one million forms (input) per month. The bottom-feed ...
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          • Formax FD-574 Cutter

            Formax FD 574 Cut-Sheet Cutter

              The FD 574 Cut-Sheet Cutter is uniquely designed to process forms generated from a digital printer, up to 44 forms per minute. It automatically feeds the forms and cuts, slits*, or perforates* in the desired position, using transport rollers for accuracy and controls for fine-tuning. With a speed of up to 2,640 sheets ...
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            • Formax FD-150 Signer

              Formax FD 150 Document Signer

                With the FD 150 Document Signer, you can sign or endorse cut-sheet documents securely at speeds up to 300 sheets per minute. Dual key locks and two counters, one resettable and one non-resettable, come standard for security and accuracy. Four programmable job settings make it easy to complete frequently-run jobs. Features include ...
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              • Formax FD-452 Envelope Opener

                Formax FD 452 Envelope Opener

                  Why waste time opening mail by hand? Maximize productivity with the Formax FD 452 Envelope Opener. The FD 452 is quick to set up and simple to use. Load mail, press start and that's it! The innovative cutting mechanism slits one side of the envelope so the contents are left undamaged, with ...
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                • Formax FD-262 Tabber

                  Formax FD 262 Single-Head Tabber / Tabbing System

                    The Formax FD 262 Single-Head Tabber makes quick work of applying tabs to folded mailpieces, and is designed to meet all USPS requirements for mailing and automation discounts. Using “crash tab” technology, the open edge of a mailpiece contacts an adhesive tab and travels through a set of rollers where the tab ...
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                  • Formax FD-282 Tabber

                    Formax FD 282 Double-Head Edge Tabber / Tabbing System

                      The FD 282 Double-Head Edge Tabbing System features revolutionary advances in tabber design. It can apply tabs on opposite sides of the mailpiece at the same time, or on top and side simultaneously, maximizing productivity and eliminating the need to feed pieces multiple times. The key is the FD 282’s combination of ...
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                    • Bulkmailer Mailing Software

                      Formax Bulk Mailer Desktop Mailing Software

                        Make your mailing operation much more productive with Bulk Mailer — prepare USPS® compliant mailings faster and more easily. Achieve increased mail deliverability and the lowest postage rates all while avoiding the aggravation of deciphering complex postal regulations. Bulk Mailer includes a sophisticated new interface and the option to upgrade to a ...
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