Gebco Hawaii offers Entrust (formerly Datacard) desktop photo ID card printers, identity and issuance management software, capture package, desktop embossers, high volume card issuance systems, attaching and fulfillment systems.

​Entrust portfolio of solutions, backed by expert service and support, enable card and secure ID programs for financial, government and other markets worldwide. Building on a 40-year heritage of customer success, ​Entrust remains the industry’s best selling brand of secure ID and card personalization solutions. Every day, these solutions are used to personalize and deliver more than 10 million cards and five million smart cards, including more than 90 percent of the world’s payment cards.

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Products from Entrust

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  • Intellitrust Authentication Services

    Entrust IntelliTrust Cloud Authentication Services

      Secure access to everything — applications, networks, computers, doors — with cloud-based multi-factor authentication. ​Entrust's Intellitrust is an enterprise-grade cloud authentication service that delivers intelligent and adaptive identity capabilities across a unified device experience, enabling business to achieve competitive advantage in an ever-evolving digital world Intellitrust equips you with a world-class ...
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    • datacard cr805

      Entrust CR805 Retransfer Card Printer

        The Entrust (formerly Datacard) CR805 desktop retransfer ID card printer gives customers a complete, on-demand card printing solution with stunning color, card material flexibility, security features and durability they need to create virtually any type of card for their customers, citizens, and employees. Create cards that stand out from the crowd ...
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      • Entrust

        Entrust Ribbons, Laminates and Supplies

          As an authorized Entrust dealer, Gebco Hawaii is a supplier of genuine ​Entrust ID card printer ribbons, overlaminates and other supplies. Call us or submit an "items of interest" to request a quote today! Current ​Entrust Models CR805 CR805 CLM CR825 CR500 SR300 SR200 CD800 CD820 FP65i SP55k SP25 Plus SD460 ...
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        • mx1000

          Entrust MX1000 Card Issuance System

            Designed for mid-volume issuers looking to enter the card issuance market, the Entrust (formerly Datacard) MX1000 card issuance system provides several pre-configured solutions to meet specific card issuance needs.  Personalize up to 500 cards per hour Choose from a variety of fixed configurations: magnetic stripe encoding, smart card ...
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          • Entrust Adaptive Suite - Card Management Software

              The Entrust Adaptive (formerly TruCredential) Suite is a web-based software for creating, issuing and managing secure IDs and credentials. This powerful software empowers organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements, from basic photo IDs to high-security credentials. With ​Adaptive, it is easy to scale from a single workstation ...
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            • Entrust TransactionGuard Fraud Detection Platform

                Entrust TransactionGuard is a state-of-the-art platform that blends a number of approaches for an integrated framework to help financial institutions detect, defend and adapt to the fast-pased fraud landscape. TransactionGuard transparently monitors user behavior to identify anomalies, then calculates the risk associated with a particular transaction — all seamlessly and in ...
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              • Entrust IdentityGuard Cloud Services

                  Entrust IdentityGuard Cloud Services is a management solution for various types of digital certificates. IdentityGuard Cloud Services Discovery and IdentityGuard Cloud Services SSL can streamline certificate management while providing secure certificates from a trusted brand in online security.
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                • Entrust IdentityGuard Authentication Methods

                    Entrust IdentityGuard is an award-winning software-based authentication solution that secures many of the world's leading financial institutions, enterprises and governments. The solutions serves as an organization's single comprehensive software-based authentication platform, bridging you to emerging technologies for strong mobility, cloud and credentialing offerings. Improve confidence for online transactions and identity authentication ...
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                  • Entrust Code Signing Certificates

                      Entrust Code Signing Certificates allow users to authenticate the source and verify the content integrity of code that is downloaded from the Internet. The certificates provide assurance that customers are installing code or applications as they were intended.
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                    • Entrust PDF Signing Certificates

                        Adobe CDS Signing Certificates from Entrust enables organizations to use publicly trusted digital signatures to sign Adobe PDF files with confidence. Recipients feel more confident by seeing the visual trust indicators that verify who published the document and whether it's been altered. Available in four distinct versions — Individual, Group, Enterprise ...
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