Card Imaging Master (CIM)

Gebco Hawaii offers metal tag embossers, dog tag embossers, industrial tag marking systems, and plastic card embossers from CIM.

Card Imaging Master (CIM)was founded in Bologna, Italy and has been producing metal tag embossers and plastic card printing systems since 1985. CIM USA was established in 1999 to support the growing need for these products in North and South America. While they specialize in meeting the needs of the military and are a GSA-certified vendor, their products are also used extensively by banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, clubs, casinos, oil companies, public institutions, service bureaus and many other businesses.

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Products from Card Imaging Master (CIM)

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  • me550 flexi tag data matrix

    CIM ME-550 Flexi Tag Data Matrix Embosser

      The ME550 ​​​Flexi Tag Data Matrix is a portable metal tag embossing solution designed to mark alphanumeric characters and 2D ​data matrix barcodes on different aluminum and steel tags sizes. The 2D ​data matrix barcode has the great advantage ofcontaining a high volume of data on limited space. With a ...
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    • CIM Pro Series MF12000 Card Printer

        the CIM MF12000 is a new multi-card platform with 12 encoding stations for the personalization of smart cards, designed for high volume central card issuance. MF12000 platform supports a wide range of open and proprietary contact and contactless systems, ISO 14443, ISO 18092, NFC forum, as well as proprietary systems from ...
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      • combi-300-flexi-tower_hdp_27475

        CIM COMBI 300 Flexi - Card Embossing & Indenting Solu...

          The COMBI 300 Flexi from CIM is a versatile all-in-one instant issuance desktop solution that enables you to instantly issue embossed and indented cards with a ID card printer of your choice. The COMBI 300 can be integrated with most* direct-to-card and retransfer card printers to emboss and indent cards. IdentiSys can configure ...
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        • me550-ft_79866

          CIM ME-550 Flexi Tag Embosser

            The ME550 FLEXI TAG is a portable metal tag embossing solution designed to emboss a variety of sizes, materials, shapes and thicknesses. The machine is equipped with an adjustable input hopper which can adapt to different plate sizes based on application requirements. With a 10% increase in production speed, a ...
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          • CIM MDT-1000 Military Tag Embosser

              The MDT1000 is a compact, high speed metal tag embosser built on durable and proven technology.  Flexible and designed specifically for U.S. military tagging applications, the MDT1000 has the built-in qualities that only a CIM metal tag embosser  can offer. 
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            • me1500s

              CIM ME-1500S Metal Tag Embossing Machine

                Designed specifically for the industrial user, the ME1500S is a rugged, reliable and a cost effective solution for the production of embossed metal plates and tags for asset ID and work in progress in the harshest environments. With a 15% increase in production speed, a completely renewed design and new ...
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              • -i3000_maximailer

                CIM I3000 & Maximailer Card Fulfillment Module

                  The CIM I3000 card fulfillment module has been developed with new and advanced features. The I 3000 card fulfillment module is a flexible solution that allows you to attach a plastic card to a carrier, inserting and enveloping with all necessary attachments, ready for distribution. It is a great solution for ...
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                • CIM M10-HE Manual Embosser

                    The M10HE embosser is a manual machine that embosses or debosses aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass in different dimensions. These tags can be used for cables and hoses, inventory tracking and tracing, and serial number identification.
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                  • CIM Pro Series E2000 Double Plastic Embossing Module

                    CIM Pro Series E2000 Double Plastic Embossing Module

                      The CIM E2000 plastic embossing module combines heavy duty performance with easy integration in any working environment. The E 2000 Pro Series is designed for banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, casinos, clubs/ associations, governments, petroleum companies, and service bureau.
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                    • CIM Pro Series Multifeeder 6000 Smart Card Encoding Module

                      CIM Pro Series Multifeeder 6000 Smart Card Encoding M...

                        The CIM Multifeeder 6000 smart card encoding module makes multi-card processing simple, offering you complete flexibility and ease of use.  With its 6 input hoppers, each capable of holding 200 cards, it can feed and process up to 6 cards quickly and simultaneously.  This smart card encoding module can operate stand alone ...
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