Boomerang Card Suite

Gebco Hawaii offers Boomerang Card Suite, including the Gift Card application.

Addtronics, the developer of Boomerang Card Suite applications, provides superior service and support direct to system resellers.  Located in Oklahoma, Addtronics prides itself on the ability to provide custom development to meet the specific needs of its customers with an in-house development and support staff.

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Products from Boomerang Card Suite

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  • FD 87-EX Casino Shredder

    Formax FD 87 Casino EX Conveyor Casino Shredder

      When it comes to the casino and gaming industry, security is of utmost importance, both on and off the gaming floor. To mitigate the risk of fraud, the FD 87 Casino EX Shredder is the ideal solution. This specially-designed unit boasts user-friendly features and industrial strength, ensuring that retired gaming ...
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    • FD 87 Casino Shredder

      Formax FD 87 Casino Cross-Cut Casino Shredder

        Security is of utmost importance in the casino and gaming industry, not only on the gaming floor but also behind the scenes. To minimize the risk of fraud, the FD 87 Casino Shredder is highly recommended. This unit is specifically designed to be user-friendly while providing the industrial strength required ...
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      • MC2000 front

        Matica MC2000 Card Printer

          Matica’s MC2000 is a robust and reliable option for ID card issuance, its ruggedized, stylish design makes it suitable for use in any environment. Upgradable from single to dual-sided, the MC2000 is also available with multiple secure card encoding options and inline lamination. The MC2000 is perfect for schools, colleges, ...
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        • Valid

          VALID WebLink ID Card Management Software

            At its core, WebLink ID is a workflow engine, executing a series of tasks building and modifying a stream of data pertinent to issuing an identification credential. The collection of tasks varies greatly from credential to credential; WebLink ID delivers the flexibility to handle the tasks through its modularity. A workflow ...
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          • 300le-bubble-small (1)

            Swiftpro 300LE Card Printer

              The Swiftpro 300LE retransfer card printer, with single- or double-sided printing capacity, is the ultimate on-demand ID card printer. The Swiftpro 300LE is a very efficient and dependable card printer that produces high-quality double-sided ID cards with 300 DPI printing. The Swiftpro 300LE plastic ID card printer offers extra magnetic stripe ...
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            • Primacy 2 SE - left side

              Evolis Primacy 2 SE Card Printer

                The Primacy 2 SE meets all your current requirements and those you will have in the future. Its various capabilities, including double-sided printing, a 200-card feeder, encoders, a lamination module, and an LCD display, can be added at any time. These new alternatives are simple to install you could do ...
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              • Evolis Primacy 2 Card Printer

                  Primacy 2 is a high-end printer that is easy to use, flexible, and fast. When loaded with Evolis' cutting-edge encoding technologies, Primacy 2 turns into the ideal solution to issue cards. Single- or dual-sided printing module available and standard 100 card capacity for both input hopper and output hopper. Print up ...
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                • K6000-Casino KIOSK_PD_2021_03_ENG_LETTER

                  Matica K6000 Casino Self-Service Card Printer Kiosk

                    Designed for self-service issuance of VIP and Player cards, the Matica K6000-Casino Kiosk fits perfectly into the casino and gaming venue environments. With a wide range of customization and integration capabilities, the Kiosk houses the Matica MC310-Casino direct card printer with Open Card Format. The K6000-Casino Kiosk is a simple ...
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                  • ID3 blue with entrust logo transparent

                    Entrust Sigma ID3 Casino ID Card Printer

                      The world’s most advanced instant card solution Entrust Sigma ID card printers are designed to enhance casino aesthetics, elevate card design, and reduce printer downtime. Sigma ID Card Printer is an ideal solution for casinos to create player and VIP cards, room keys, and employee badges. Features Print multiple card types ...
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                    • ID3 blue with entrust logo transparent

                      Entrust Sigma ID3 Duplex ID Card Printer

                        The Entrust Sigma ID3 single or double-sided direct-to-card printer is an issuance system that’s specifically designed for today’s environments, giving you the ability to easily issue the most secure identities in the world. Simple Sigma is the most user-friendly ID card issuance system in the world. Intuitive printer dashboard lets you see ...
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